Raising Awareness, Support and Safety for Cats on Leash

Updated: May 4

As the popularity of offering cats a catventurous lifestyle increases around the world, so too have traumatic and fatal attacks against cats on leash by off-leash dogs. We know that most dog owners would be devastated if their dog injured or killed a cat, and we believe that raising awareness among dog owners that there may be cats on leash in the same areas as dogs has pawsitive effects for the whole animal-loving community.

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Like all in the Catventurous community, we are deeply disturbed to hear of attacks against cats on leash by off-leash dogs. This is a growing and worrying problem. As the prevalence of cats who explore their environment outside on leash increases worldwide, these devastating incidents are becoming all too common. Even if physical healing can take place, the emotional scars for all involved will likely never fully heal after such harrowing ordeals. The psychological, emotional and financial costs of this trauma is significant.

Catventurous estimates that the greatest potential danger cats on leash face is an off-leash dog.

Catventurous estimates that the greatest potential danger cats on leash face is an off-leash dog. But we want to be clear: this is not about dogs vs. cats or dog owners vs. cat owners. We know that dogs will be dogs and some may be driven by natural instinct to attack and kill cats, even dogs who have never before shown those tendencies. The laws of nature and canine behaviour in that regard will not change. Catventurous is working to unite the entire community of animal lovers to increase the awareness of cats on leash and to empower the actions that prevent these traumatic events.

We must ally and unite with dog owners to enlist their invaluable help in making our neighbourhoods, parks, and hiking trails safer for all species on leash.

Please join Catventurous and others, including Travfurler and The Hiking Cat in the campaign to raise awareness for the safety of cats on leash. March 2021 is designated Cats On Leash Awareness month and our Instagram community is showcasing dog and cat duos who go out safely on leash together. Please click here to find out how you too can take part. Use hashtags #CatsOnLeashAwareness and #SupportCatsOnLeash.

Have you experienced frightening or traumatic experiences with your catventurer and an off-leash dog? Or perhaps positive ones? Please feel free to tell your story to us and to others in the Catventurous community, either in the comments below or send them to Telling and having stories witnessed by others can contribute to healing.

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Sensibilisation et sécurité des chats en laisse

Alors que la popularité du mode de vie « catventurous » prend de l'ampleur un peu partout dans le monde, les attaques traumatisantes et fatales des chats en laisse par des chiens sans laisse se multiplient. Nous savons que la plupart des propriétaires de chiens seraient dévastés si leur chien blessait ou tuait un chat, et nous pensons que sensibiliser les propriétaires de chiens au fait qu'il peut y avoir des chats en laisse dans les mêmes zones que les chiens est bon pour tout le monde.

Comme tous les membres de la communauté Catventurous, nous sommes profondément troublés d'entendre parler d'attaques de chats en laisse par des chiens sans laisse. C'est un problème croissant et préoccupant. Alors que la prévalence des chats qui explorent leur environnement extérieur en laisse augmente dans le monde entier, ces incidents dévastateurs ne sont que trop fréquents. Même si une guérison physique peut avoir lieu, les cicatrices émotionnelles et le syndrome de stress post-traumatique, tant pour les chats que pour les humains, ne guériront probablement jamais complètement après de telles épreuves. Le coût psychologique, émotionnel et financier de ces incidents est important.