Understanding Your Catventurer's Personality

Updated: May 4

Your cat's personality is a unique, complex and dynamic mixture of nature and nurture. We believe that almost all cats can be catventurous in their own way, especially when their individual personality traits are better understood and taken into consideration. Take our questionnaire for more insight into your cat's personality!

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Cat Personalities

In 2017, researchers in Australia and New Zealand adapted the Five Factor Model used by psychologists to describe human personality traits. They characterised cat personalities in terms of "The Feline Five" as follows:

  • Neuroticism - skittish, highly strung cats with high scores for insecurity, anxiety, fearfulness, suspiciousness and shyness;

  • Extraversion - outgoing cats who are easily bored with high scores for activity, vigilance, curiosity, inquisitiveness, inventiveness and intelligence;

  • Dominance - dominant cats with high scores for bullying, dominant behaviour, monopolising resources and human attention and aggression towards other cats;

  • Impulsiveness - spontaneous cats with high scores for impulsive, erratic, unpredictable and reckless behaviour;

  • Agreeableness - friendly, well-adjusted cats with high scores for sociable, gentle and affectionate behaviour towards humans and other cats.

This model of feline personality profiling has multiple potential applications, including allowing us to better understand our feline family member's personality and needs as we help them towards becoming a confident and flourishing catventurer.

To help you better understand your cat's personality, Catventurous has adapted the Five Factor Model into a personality questionnaire specifically tailored to potential catventurers.

You can download it and use it for free here: