• To advocate for indoor cats to be harnessed, on-leash and always under careful supervision whenever they are outdoors.

  • To educate on the significant impacts that free-roaming cats have on wildlife and local ecosystems.

  • To promote cat welfare and responsible cat ownership* that allows cats to live healthy, long and fulfilling lives.

  • To encourage owners to allow cats to safely express their natural instincts and to provide them with opportunities for stimulation in ways that protect both them and our precious biodiversity.

  • To cultivate a deeper understanding of the human-cat bond and to reframe the role cats play as members of a household and family unit.

  • To raise awareness for the rights and safety of cats on leash, notably for the dangers posed by off-leash dogs.

  • To support cat welfare, especially those living in shelters, foster homes and rescue organisations, and to encourage adoption of cats in need of homes.

  • To contribute to the prevention of cat abandonment, notably around holiday periods.




Join our rapidly expanding, cat-loving, socially and ecologically conscious cats on leash community keeping cats and wildlife safe.








*We favour the word ‘ownership’ here as a reflection of the legal and moral responsibility cat owners have to make affirmative life and welfare decisions for their cat based on love, respect and insight into their individual needs.